Create Your own Designer Series Look.

Designer Series is our most versatile option for designing your own displays. You choose stylistic elements such as materials, soffit style, frame supports, hardware, and door styles. One of our designers will work with you to create a complete dispensary design using your customized choices. Get started today!


Your first step in creating your own designer series look is to choose from our selection of soffit styles. Our 5 different soffit styles offer a range of contemporary to traditional looks. Your choice of hardwoods and laminates will greatly impact the look and feel of each soffit style.


Our selection of materials such as hardwoods, stains, and laminates allow you endless possibilities in changing up the look and feel of the soffit style chosen. Shown is just a small sample of our available finishes. Choosing your door style and hardware provides an added personalized touch to your displays.


Fashion Optical Displays has the largest selection of frame support options in the industry. This enables you to make the right choice that fits your specific needs. We have options to allow for inventory flexibility and security. Each support option allows for the use of an array of merchandising accessories.


The additional options available to meet your needs are vast. You can create displays with mirrored glass shelving, sliding security doors, rotating columns, showcase frame dividers and much more! Choose to incorporate joiners, mirror sections and illuminated cubes. As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

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